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In the meantime, please read our 2 newest reports!
2021 Community Action Research Project Report
2020 Shared Learning Report

A collective of Prince Edward County youth, youth serving, agencies, educators and community organizations.

We want to raise high school graduation rates in PEC. We believe that to reach this goal, we must use a wholistic approach. Our areas of focus are: youth empowerment; wellbeing; relationships with caregivers, family and peers; enhancing education supports; and helping youth see the connection between their education and future employment.

To create a community culture that embraces learning and personal development and enables everyone to reach their potential.

We are strengthening the network of organizations in the community so that we can respond to the unique needs of County youth using a collaborative approach.

Our goal is to have graduation rates at parity with the provincial average by 2026.

Contact Christian Everall, christian@studentscommission.ca, for more information.