Greater Than Collective developing support mechanisms for local LGBTQ+ youth

Community members who came together for the first Inclusive Spaces training in PEC

Over 30 people representing more than 20 local agencies that serve youth met at the Bloomfield Town Hall Wed. April 17 to learn more about the issues facing LGBTQ+ youth and discuss what the community can do to better support them.  

“Our goal today was to create a safe and respectful place, for people who work with youth to ask questions and to learn about the issues – with the intention of challenging the homophobic and transphobic attitudes and assumptions that hurt our youth” said  Greater Than: County Youth Collective facilitator Sharif Mahdy.  

What is it like to be a teenager questioning your sexual identity in Prince Edward County? What happens if you want to hold hands with your girlfriend on Main Street Picton when you are also female? Where do you go to ask questions when you are second guessing  your own gender and also studying for grade 10 math in a small community?  

Until recently, it was only those LGBTQ+ youth in Prince Edward County who had to think about these scenarios and the answers to these questions.  

A recent report by Prince Edward Learning Centre (PELC) documented some of the hardships facing LGBTQ+ youth in Prince Edward County; youth who experience bullying, who feel isolated and without the supports they need to come out and be empowered to be themselves. 

Click here to read the whole article from the Picton Gazette.


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