“Turning knowledge into action, and action into knowledge”

Youth InclusionMarch through May 2017: 5 Partner organizations employed PAR to learn more about youth in PEC with regards to our 5 pillars (empowerment, well-being, family and caregivers, career and employment, and education). Sharing the Stories survey modules specific to each pillar were completed and the data was transformed by The Students Commission of Canada into a 2017 Shared Learning Report

July and August 2018: Greater Than’s Youth Embedded team launched a Sharing the Stories survey collection. The Youth Team met with about 70 Prince Edward County (PEC) youth to gather their input on Mental Wellness and Community Engagement via surveys. This data was turned into the 2018 Shared Learning Report.

September 12 2018: Greater Than County Youth Collective hosted a “Data Party” with a call out to all PEC Youth to reflect on and respond to the report that came from the surveys. Approximately 40 youth showed up to provide feedback to our presentations. Members of Greater Than worked together to compile the great amount of feedback from Youth into common themes and calls to action. Check out the Calls to Action below.

September 20, 2018: A meeting of the whole Collective was held to discuss the Calls to Action. Youth service providers from all sectors went through the data, Calls to Action, and put their heads together to figure out how Greater Than would respond to the newly discovered (and often suspected) needs of PEC Youth. 4 action groups were formed to respond to different Calls to Action.




Youth Empowerment:

Focusing on calls to action #1-4

Current works in progress: Facilitating community discussions about supporting a safe, positive, and inclusive culture for PEC youth in the LGBTQ+ community. Distributing relevant sex-ed booklets in PEC. Inclusivity training for agencies in PEC.

Mental Health:

Focusing on call to action #5

Current works in progress: Collaborations between agencies to help youth access mental health supports in PEC. 


Focusing on call to action #6

Current works in progress: Helping Youth to access support and resources in PEC who are no longer attending school. Referring Youth to appropriate agencies for support with alternative learning.


Focusing on call to action #7

Current works in progress: Focusing on existing experiential learning activities and making them more relevant, accessible and recurring. Chat Cafes for youth and employers to talk about the needs of both employers and potential employees.